Welcome to the Utah Grotto, Utah’s premiere web-based caving club. The Utah Grotto, established in 2010, is an online caving community developed to centralize caving activities, for those who want to participate in safe and ethical caving activities, but due to scheduling or distance constraints are unable to attend one of the three active grottos in the state of Utah.

The Utah Grotto has three purposes; education, coordinating trips or projects, and non-sensitive resource sharing. The Utah Grotto does not share cave location information or any other sensitive information about cave resources. We do this to protect irreplaceable cave resources from vandalism.  Grotto membership is $12/year.

Because of the nature and purpose of the Utah Grotto and Utah Cave Survey membership is not limited to NSS members. Our vision is to include any individual with a mind toward serious cave exploration, conservation, and research. As Jon Jasper put it, “ It is just important to have skilled cavers, managers, scientists, lawyers, and politicians to support and build our understanding of how we relate to the resources.”


The Utah Grotto does not generally meet in person.  Rather, trips and events are coordinated via e-mail and using the facilities of this site.

Caver Photographing Flowstone